Thank you so much for guiding me through the prep for the close and preparing and P & S. You were so helpful to me. You are so good at your job, I felt lucky to have you just a phone call away and I’m sure all your clients feel the same. The close went well yesterday and we now have a nice family next door. I hope to see you at the lake. Thank You again for everything.


Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help so far. I have been talking up your service to anyone that will listen to me! It is fabulous all around! Whether we sell our house or not I would be happy to do a testimonial anytime.


We did the closing on last Friday. We are very happy. Thank you very much for your assistance during the whole process. We appreciated it very much. We will give you the highest recommendation whenever you need it.

Again, thank you so much for your help. BEST wishes to you, your family and your business, Keep in touch…


I have been in the service industry for twenty five years and have worked with a number of high quality, customer-focused professionals. My experience working with Julia Lowell tells me she belongs in this prodigious group. Organized, transparent, innovative and honest are words I whould use to describe Julia. My wife and i also exprienced the other side of the coin when a deal went south and agents ducked for cover and became unresponsive and uncooperative. Julia then stepped in, took charge, made some calls got us back on track. She offered us full service or FSBO and we are glad we chose the former. She is a quite capable and ultra professional.

Paul Salvaggio

I Just wanted to take a minute to say “Thank You”. Both Matt and I were very happy with your real estate services and it was pleasure working with you. You told us in the beginning that you could sell our house in 30 days and you did! We would definitely recommend your services to anybody we know looking for a realtor.

Tina Donohue

OwnerAssistedProperty.com is like FSBO on steroids

OwnerAssistedProperty.com provided great internet exposure (hundreds of sites, including ones that required separate maintenance like craigslist and zillow.com). When offers came in after our first open house, they were there with us all the way through the process of negotiating; answering questions about all aspects of real estate and valued, steady advisor. The pay-as-you-go model she has developed was very cost effective for us. The brochures she designed and printed were stunning and drew praise from everyone. These showed not only pictures, but complete listing details(because the listing was very comprehensive) and provided eacs visitor a floor plan of the house for self-guided tours as well as a great take home to remind them of our house.

They were also a great resource for other services – they work with and recommended an excellent photographer that did all the stills, video and interactive floor plan. This online presence drew praise and, most importantly traffic to our open houses. If we had needed legal advice, documents such as a P&S or offer forms, those services and materials were available at a moment’s notice. The service signs, an info box and even a lockbox.

Our home was on the market – in a difficult time – for 10 months with the best brokers in town but drew very little activity. In the first open house we held, 16 parties came to see the property and resulted in 2 offers. The closing was a mere 2 months away.

If you are considering or are already selling your house and wonder where all the buyers are – no one can sell your place like you can – with assistance from OwnerAssistedProperty.com.

Carol and Gerard Rice